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Operating System Support - We can repair most software issues with Windows or OSX and get your PC running good as new.  We can backup all of your data and rebuild / reinstall your PC.

Virus Removal - Got a virus? We can remove it and install quality anti-virus software to help prevent the problem in the future. 

PC Optimization - If your computer is running slow we can help. Our proven process will get your PC running speedy again.

Backup - Everyone needs a backup and we have solutions to help with this. Local or to the cloud... we'll help you get what you need.

Data Recovery - We can recover most data from broken / non-working PC's and restore the data to a variety of locations to include thumb drive, another computer, and even to DVD.

"Colonial Technology is the best company I have had in 35 + years of working. They are very responsive and reliable. I have never considered using another company for our technology service."

May 2024


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